Prophet Muhammad is an amazing person. He was born at the year of the elephant (570th century). It’s called the year of the elephants because at that time king abrahah wants to ruin kabah. 

Aminah binti Wahab (prophet Muhammad’s mother) died when Muhammad was only 6 years old. And since then his grandfather (Abdul Muthalib) took care of prophet Muhammad salallahualaihiwasalam.

When Muhammad was 8 Abdul Muthalib died. Prophet Muhammad was taken care by his uncle named Abuthalib. Abuthalib made Muhammad more honest,smarter, and more generous.At the age of 12 prophet Muhammad went working to syam.  

Abuthalib heard about a women trader named Khadijah binti Khuwalid pays people to peddle. Abuthalib ask prophet muhammad to do it and prophet agreed. Then Abuthalib negotiated with Khadijah to pay with 4 camels. Then Khadijah fell in love with prophet Muhammad. Then they got married.


Ukhti Arifah

kelas 7 SMPN 265

SRM Utsman ibn Affan – Pagi

History of Prophet Muhammad by Arifah

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