Nabi Muhammad was born in the year of the elephant in 570M. His father’s name was Abdullah bin Abdul Muthalib and his mother name is Aminah binti Wahab. Muhammad became an orphan when he was six years old. In eight years old one of person really love Muhammad is Abdul Muthalib. He was Muhammad grandfather but his grandfather died and then Muhammad’s caregiver was his uncle Abu Thalib.

Muhammad was very cheerful, honest, helpful, fair, smart and many more. For example one of his personality there are four tribes who equally want to put a Hajar aswad stone and Muhammad gave the idea to put the stone in the cloth and every corner of the cloth is held by the four tribes. And many more personality Muhammad that we must follow the example of his teachings believe in his teachings that we all are on the right path and always on the side of Allah.



Kelas 7 SMPN 73

SRM Utsman ibn Affan – pagi

The Prophet Muhammad by Naymira

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